Rashomon Season 2: Call For Families

Rashomon is a long form narrative storytelling podcast that launched in March 2018. Each episode features one family telling every side of the same story. If you have yet to listen to the podcast, you can do so here.

We are currently looking for families with stories to feature in Season 2 of the podcast. Below is a list of themes and family concepts that we are exploring. If any of these themes spark a story for you, and you (as well as your family members) are interested in being interviewed, fill out the form below.

A few extra notes:

You and your family members must be available for interviews between November 2018 and February 2019. Each family member will be interviewed separately.

We are looking for all types of families. We are actively seeking stories told from the perspectives of underrepresented voices and underrepresented family structures.

Themes that are are exploring in Season 2:

  • The secret lives of mothers and daughters

  • I never told you this but…

  • Before daughter/ After daughter

  • During mother / After mother

  • Family life in Japan (traditional vs. modern)

  • An unexpected family (e.g. change of structure, merge, reconfiguration, forced family)

  • An event where all perspectives differ to an astonishing degree.

  • Tragedy brings family closer together

  • Comedy brings family closer together

  • Small families / Big families

  • Road trip stories

  • Family secrets (e.g. shameful. serious, recipes, tools/tricks of the trade)

If you are interested in participating in the making of Season 2, please complete the form below.

We will get back to all submissions via email.

Name *
Please list the city and state where you live.
Phone *
Please list all family members that are connected to your story. Include their relationship to you and their current location (City, State).
Give us a brief description of your side of the story. Please limit to a short paragraph and highlight the story's beginning/middle/end. e.g. "I was in this situation, and this thing was going on, and this was the emotional context, and then this eventually happened, and finally I learned this."
Please describe how you anticipate your family members' stories will differ. Or whether you think they align. Also include any unresolved issues and/or questions that you have about this experience that you all shared together.
Terms *
If selected to be a part of Rashomon Season 2, you and your family members will be interviewed individually and each of you will be sign a standard audio release form. This will be a collaborative documentary process, but ultimately the editing of the story will lie in the hands of the podcast production team.