Season 2, Episode 10: I Don’t Know What I’m Chasing Either


episode notes:

"Here we are sitting in the basement, characters in our own story. Making something beautiful together."

This special bonus episode of Rashomon Season 2 is a story written and produced by Nicki Stein.

Nicki sits down with her dad, Victor, to comb through old memories and to use each of their sides of the same story as a path for understanding each other in a new way.

I'm Not Sure What I'm Chasing Either was written and produced by Nicki Stein. Music in this story is by Blue Dot Sessions and Brower.

Thank you so much Nicki for letting us share your story. You can stay up to date with Nicki and her audio work on her website and her Soundcloud.

You can also follow Nicki on Instagram and Twitter.

Rashomon is produced and hosted by Hillary Rea.

Theme music is by Ryan Culinane courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

Podcast artwork is by Thom Lessner.

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