Another video from our live launch show.

Together Hanna and Graham conjured some stories that they thought had varying accounts and wanted to know what their parents would say. Unfortunately they weren’t able to be a part of this live show, but hopefully the Mom and Dad Travaglini will chime in in the future. In the meantime, here’s Hanna and Graham:

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Hillary Rea
How to listen to a podcast

Hi everyone. It's Hillary, producer and host of Rashomon. I've been spending this week at a big podcasting conference called Podcast Movement. It has come to my attention through conversations and sessions at this conference, that there are still more non-podcast listeners than podcast listeners. Something like 66% of people still do not listen to podcasts. I was a bit astounded by this number because I am such a podcast nerd. I have about 4 hours of podcasts to listen to a day. So for those non-listeners, here are some tips for the best way to get started!

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