How to listen to a podcast


Hi everyone. It's Hillary, producer and host of Rashomon. I've been spending this week at a big podcasting conference called Podcast Movement. It has come to my attention through conversations and sessions at this conference, that there are still more non-podcast listeners than podcast listeners. Something like 66% of people still do not listen to podcasts. I was a bit astounded by this number because I am such a podcast nerd. I have about 4 hours of podcasts to listen to a day. So for those non-listeners, here are some tips for the best way to get started!

1. Watch an endearing video with Ira Glass and his friend Mary from 2014. The crew over at This American Life was gearing up for the launch of a little known podcast called Serial and made this video to help folks out.

2. If you have an Apple product, take this step. Since the above video was released, the Podcasts app is built into the iOS of Apple products like the iPad and iPhone. You can still do a search within the app to find a specific podcast and you can also browse. For practice, put Everything is Alive into the search bar. You won't be sorry. 

3. For those who have Android phones, Google has recently released their stand alone podcast app. You can search for it in the Google Play store and download from there. 

4. If you use Spotify on the regular for music, you can listen to podcasts directly from there. They will also recommend podcasts to you based on what you are already listening to. 

5. There is a great app called RadioPublic that makes it easy to find the types of podcasts you might be interested in listening to. They also help independent podcasters earn revenue from podcast listens that happen directly through their player and their app. Here's our show via RP.

6. If you are a savvy podcast listener, help a non-savvy listener out. Help them find the best way to listen and help them download the apps needed. I do this all the time. It feels good and your podcast newbie friend or family member will be forever grateful. You can also host a listening party on a small scale or in a more formal way like Podcast Brunch Club

7. If you hear about a podcast, Google it. They will most likely have a website, like this one. We have all of our episodes embedded into the website for you on this page. Other podcasts should have that on their sites as well. 

8. If you know how to listen but you are looking for guidance on what to listen to. Check out Sarah Larson's podcast coverage for the New Yorker, Nick Quah's Hot Pod newsletter, Paul Kondo's weekly Podcast Gumbo newsletter, Podcasts in Color, as well as the tastemakers over at Bello Collective

Ps. A huge thank you to Ma'ayan Plaut for the suggestion to make a resource guide like this. Check out Ma'ayan's Instagram account for some amazing podcast recommendations merged with beautiful photos of knitting.