Season 2, Episode 7: The Families Are All Right


episode notes:

Sammy and Emily both hear back from their sperm donor, Gerald, at the same time. And after meeting each other, they decide to meet Gerald together. And the chain of donor siblings meeting each other, each other's moms and Gerald, begins. Plus a rumination on the film The Kids Are All Right
This is the sixth chapter in a series of stories that will finish out the rest of Rashomon Season 2. You will hear multiple families telling every side of multiple stories, all having to do with the early days of sperm banks and how it effected the lives of the families that used them. From Season 2, Episode 2 onward, it is important to listen to them in order to get the full story.

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Rashomon is produced and hosted by Hillary Rea

Thank you to Sammy Sass, Sharon Sass, Emily McGranachan, Cathy McGranachan, Nancy Smith, Cara Swan, Susan Swan, Carol Ann Dalto, Rebecca Doyle, Matthew Doyle, Colette Doyle and Laura Gold.

And a HUGE thank you to Anny Celsi for recording everyone in California. Please visit her website to learn about her music and her radio work!

Music in this episode is by Ben Chace and Paul Defiglia

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