Season 2, Episode 1: The Leonard Family


episode notes:

The Leonard's have a famous family story involving electrocution and a giant Christmas tree. What started as a tragedy for all slowly grew to become a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation style comedy for everyone in the family, except for one.

It's Thanksgiving in 2011. Half of the Leonard children (now adults) are home for the holiday weekend and get to work decorating the massive pine tree in the front yard for Christmas. And then something strange happens. It changes everyone's perspective on life, death, and the super powers of parents... and electricity.

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Rashomon is produced and hosted by Hillary Rea

Original music in this episode is by Paul Defiglia. The version of "Silent Night" in this episode is performed and recorded by Kevin MacLeod. Theme song is by Ryan Culinane.

Podcast artwork is by Thom Lessner.

A huge thank you to the Leonard Family: Bill, Denise, Lauren, Blaine, Colin, and Grant. Denise, Lauren, and Bill all had colds during our interviews and persevered with congestion and coughs!

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